Mia Segal – Set of Three Mentoring Master Classes


An exceptional opportunity for personal mentoring with Grand Master Mia Segal, MBS Academy co-founder, Dr. Feldenkrais’ first and only collaborator and assistant while developing his work, and beyond that, as she was at his side when they started the worldwide trainings.

These mentoring classes are limited to 8 students for 3 lessons per week. Each lesson lasting about 1-1.15 hours.


Please answer this short questionnaire after sign up: ANSWER THIS QUESTIONNAIRE.

  • You must be a qualified and experienced practitioner, a graduate of MBS programs, Feldenkrais and/ or related fields of study.
  • Be on zoom at least 5 minutes early, to ensure proper connection and your position, so that Mia can see you.
  • You must commit to all three classes sequentially, as Mia develops a precision process with attention to each student and to the whole group, for maximum and profound learning. See dates and hours below before ordering.
  • Classes are in high demand and the earliest openings are in mid-January. If you want to participate, please sign up asap, so we can review your questionnaire answers and confirm your place.

To apply and be added to the waiting list: info@mbsacademy.org

Price for 3 lessons: $275.00

For more information, contact info@mbsacademy.org.

Hours: USA: 11.00 am (PST), 14.00 (EST), Europe: 20.00 pm (CET)
Monday – Wednesday – Friday

By purchasing a course, you confirm that reading and accepting the below terms and conditions!
Mia recommends these 2 Ebooks (or the Bundle of the 2 Ebooks and audio-video lesson recordings) as companions to her course: click here to see the books.

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Amazing opportunity for practitioners of Mind Body Studies, Feldenkrais and related methods

Mia Segal, the world’s most experienced grand-master of Mind Body Studies, the complete work of Dr. Feldenkrais, is holding sets of six classes, limited to only 6-7 students over a two week period each, for advanced mentoring online.

In these sets, Mia mentors, demonstrates and works with each participant, to reveal and clarify the deepest concepts, philosophies and psychological effects of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais’ Mind Body Studies.

This is an absolutely unique opportunity for anyone interested in the body -mind connection and it’s impact on the human condition.  It is an opportunity to spend time with the world’s most veteran and experienced grand master of this work, who taught with Moshe, as a colleague and friend, and has been working and teaching for over six decades, launching all the first trainings with Dr. Feldenkrais, and thus spearheading the expansion of the work worldwide.

Companion books – Recommended by Mia


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November 22, 24, 25, 29 and December 1, 2