In Person Advanced Vienna Training

Thank you to the attendees of our last three Advanced In Person training in Vienna! We are happy that ONGOING DIALOGUE in 2023 was so successful and we welcome you to the next training weekend in January 2024.

We offer this ONGOING DIALOGUE as a series of advanced trainings for Feldenkrais practitioners. Each training-weekend will highlight another theme and you can jump in any time.

The seminar will target advanced principles and techniques:

  • Utilize Moshe’s lifelong quest  – beyond movement, as communicated directly to his closest collaborators, the founders of MBS Academy.
  • Apply Dr. Feldenkrais’ approach and clinical techniques INTEGRATING ATM with FI



Senior MBS Trainers, MARGIT HRASDIL (Italy); CHRIS VAN DER HOFF (the Netherlands) together with EYTAN MANDEL (Israel) Guild teacher and a Yochanan Rywerant Trainer.

They are excited to bring their decades of experience to integrate, collaborate and present to you their joint learning and teaching.


Margit Hrasdil, Chris van der Hoff, Eytan Mendel

Where? In the beautiful studio of “GLEIS 21”.

Bloch-Bauer-Promenade 22. 1100 Wien, Austria.

This is in walking distance from the Main Train station (Hauptbahnhof).


When?  January 4 – 7 2024

Thursday Jan 4          10-16                2 hours lunchbreak
Friday Jan 5                10-16                2 hours lunchbreak
Saturday  Jan 6          10-16                2 hours lunchbreak
Sunday Jan 7              10-13                Short coffee break.

Language: English
The main language will be English. Note that the trainers also speak German.

Costs:  €450,-         (4 days)

Payment information will be sent following your registration.

Registration and further information:

EARLY BIRD: €400,- (Sign up and payment received by November 15)

Private FI hands-on lessons

Private FI’s by the trainers are offered . €70,-



We enjoyed the wonderful lunches prepared by Mer this September. We are happy she will do this again in January for €15 per person.

(Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 12:15 and Sunday at 13:15) Please let us know, if you do not want to join.