Advanced In Person Special Event


In Bad Tölz, Germany

MBS Academy is excited to announce the first big comprehensive advanced seminar since covid.

A team of MBS top Trainers and Assistant Trainers will be present, with translations available in multiple languages.

This advanced seminar will focus on the direct connections of ATM© and FI©’s, how to apply them, how Dr Feldenkrais viewed the deep meaning and application of these connections and their impact on human performance and development.

You will learn how to consolidate techniques, direct connections between FIs and ATM’s and find clear paths to achieve what you want for yourself, your students and your clients.

Note: A special section for working with special needs children will take place during the second 5 days of this seminar. This is for professionals and well as to empower parents to understand and be able to expand on professional sessions. Parents who wish to bring their children, which we encourage, please email us directly at MBS Academy:

During 16 years in which Dr. Feldenkrais was exploring and developing his innovative work, Mia Segal was his sole collaborator and assistant, decades before any trainings began. In this context Leora was an integral participant in this unique environment as model, explorer recipient of insight and personal attention. As a constant and a way of life, family discussions and activities delved into the elements of personal excellence, scientific background, developmental stages and global philosophies.

As a natural progression of all she had received, and during over five decades of teaching, Leora compiled, sorted and coded the essence of this vast body or work as she received it directly from Moshe and his associates.

From the start Moshe Feldenkrais and Mia Segal interweaved ATM and FI as unified complementary strategies to toward deep transformative learning.  This continues to be an important guiding principle in MBS’s approach and teaching. This complementary approach creates a huge spectrum of insight and versatility, thereby making each lesson and class exponentially effective.

This seminar will put a lot of emphasis on how this combination works, so that you can do it too.

Joining Leora for teaching, is our highly experienced team:

Senior Trainers:

Margit Hrasdil, Chris van der Hof , Grace Soeun Doh and Chieko Omiya are Senior Trainers, who have been with MBS Academy for three decades. Together, as highly trained and diverse team, they have helped perfect the teaching in its refinement and power. They worked in tandem with Mia and Leora training generations of practitioners in the heritage passed on directly and personally from Moshe, to Mia and Leora.

Assistant Trainers:

We are joined by a diverse, multi-national, multi lingual, highly experienced team of Assistant Trainers: Max Klammerth, Sa Chien Kaw, Simon Wong, Martha Morehouse, Janet Lee and Tom Rankin. With decades of experience themselves and years of training with MBS, they continue to bring the work to multiple communities with versatility, depth and extraordinary insight.

This insight includes practical applications, a deep understanding of what Moshe Feldenkrais envisioned bringing to the world: discovering and expanding human potential.

Join us to strengthen your knowledge and fill in gaps of missing information which Moshe was unable to pass on during the few courses he taught in his lifetime. There are years of exploration and discoveries which he developed and explored with Mia and Leora, which we feel must be shared and clarified in order to keep this work in its essential entirety and depth.

You can ask anything, bring any problems and get answers!


Leora Gaster, Chris van der Hoff, Margit Hrasdil

Location: Bad Tölz, Germany

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Dates and hours: October 19-29 2023

Oct. 19: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Oct 20, 21, 22, 23: 10:00 am – 12:00 noon and 2:oo pm – 4:00 pm

Oct 24 is a free day, to integrate, rest or practice.

The last day, October 29: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon. We start and end early, to facilitate travel for everyone.

Tuition Cost:

5 day:              $650.00

10 day:            $1,250.00

You may either pay the full amount now, or make a $50 deposit to reserve your place and pay the rest of the amount by September 15, 2023.

If you would like to make a deposit and pay later, click here.

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