Advanced Skills In-Person Workshop (Reserve Your Place for $50)

Discover Mia and Moshe’s curriculum at our In-Person Advanced Skills Workshop with Leora Gaster and the MBS Assistant Team. Choose to attend in either Italy or California.

Come and join our first In-Person seminars since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This workshop will be offered in two locations: Palo Alto, California and Bolzano, Italy. 

These advanced seminars feature Moshe, Mia, and Leora’s Go-To and Advanced Skills Techniques and highlight the connection between the Advanced Movement Lessons (ATM) and hands on (FI). You will also learn specialized techniques and ‘rescue’ procedures for common neck, back and shoulder injuries. 

What are the key and foundational principles that make sense of every single move and word and put this vast body of work together?

In these seminars we highlight categories, models and principles of all ATMs and their FIs and how they are connected:  in thought, action, state of mind and self -image.

We clarify patterns, models, categories and blueprints for all the pillars of this work:

Highlighting unifying models and ATM construction

This is truly the ‘structure of the magic’ that makes you know exactly what you are after and what you can do in each situation, being so precise and effective that every lesson brings ultimate learning and results.

Leora’s profound, complete and over-arching insight into all the aspects in the vast body of the work of Feldenkrais, is based in its inception as a way of life and family culture. This was the common language and ongoing discussion and experimentation during the formative years of her life and into adulthood, continuously permeating every aspect and family decision.

There were many factors that influenced Moshe Feldenkrais to create his work, which were explored on an ongoing basis at home.  With an emphasis on questioning everything, as well as being analytical, Leora has coded, categorized, sorted and organized this work to show you how to ‘zoom in’ from refined precision to ‘zoom out’ and perceive over-arching patterns and configurations and goals.

With decades of working and teaching with her mother, Mia Segal, they continued to perfect the teaching methods and transference of the highly skilled techniques and deep meaning of the work.

For experienced practitioners who are familiar with many applications and lessons, these seminars provide an essential element which makes order and puts the pieces  together to provide a clear blueprint, which transforms the depth in which you understand and apply the guiding light and principles of this work.

In each location, there will be two 5-day seminars, with a one-day break in between. You can choose to attend one or both seminars in your chosen location. The workshops will happen simultaneously across both locations. These seminar days will also count towards the 30 day MBS Academy Advanced Certificate.

Please reach out to with any questions.

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Seminar 1 (California and Italy): Sept. 24 – 28, 2022 

Seminar 2 (California and Italy): Sept. 30 – Oct 4, 2022

Professional Foundation Qualification Program students must attend both seminars in either location.

Required to register:

1. Waiver

2. Questionnaire

3. $50 non-refundable deposit (full balance due September 1)

Please fill out and return documents to upon signing up.


Price for Professional Foundation Qualification Program students: $1,250.00
Price for practitioners attending for advanced and supplementary training: $1000.00 for 10 days, $520.00 for 5 days.

This page is only a $50 deposit to reserve your place. To pay the full amount, see instructions below. You must pay both this deposit and the full amount to attend. Questions? Email

For students attending in Europe:
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Payment for students attending in Europe:
Please pay the equivalent in Euros at the time you pay (Students being qualified: $1,250. Practitioners: $1,000 USD for 10 days, $550 for 5 days).
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Please fill in the questionnaire and waiver that will be downloadable after signup and send us a copy.

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Advanced Skills Workshop Deposit

** Bolzano, Italy – Professional Qualification Program **, Bolzano, Italy – Both Seminars (10 DAYS), Bolzano, Italy – Seminar 1 (5 DAYS), Bolzano, Italy – Seminar 2 (5 DAYS), ** Palo Alto, CA – Professional Qualification Program **, Palo Alto, California – Both Seminars (10 DAYS), Palo Alto, California – Seminar 1 (5 DAYS), Palo Alto, California – Seminar 2 (5 DAYS)